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Help the cursed King find his way back home.

Forget everything you know about fairy tales. In Frogged's World the Queen is a witch and the kiss didn't turn anyone into a prince, but the King into a frog. Poor thing, on his wedding day! Oh, and remember that old white pebbles trail? Nah, those were gold coins that had fallen from the royal carriage.

After being thrown into the swamp mud, lost in an unknown world, the little king will have to face several challenges and bite a lot of bullets, I mean, a lot of flies to find his way back home and finally reclaim his throne.

One small step for mankind but a long journey to a teeny weeny frog. And a long journey is always better in good company, so

hop into this adventure!
Items & Characters
Frogged Mobile Game


The hero of this mobile journey who used to be a King but fell under a spell and turned into a frog.

Queen Mobile Game

The Witch

I mean, your majesty The Queen. Obviously the king's wife. She likes to play games and is always hiding something...

Mobile coins

Gold coins

They have chocolate flavor and are worth more than money.

Game Signs

Magical Signs

Tutorials are for the weak. The brave ones find tips in these little signs.

fly android game


They are tasty and increase your score. But don't let them fool you 'cause they can hurt you!

ladybug android game


Believe me. These empathic little ladies will take you high.



Scargot? Nope! They are your friends and could lend you a helping hand. Or would it be a helping shell?

frogged game bees


I hope the King doesn't like honey 'cause they can prick. You'd better not tease them.

frogged game drones


Do you know that feeling of being followed? So, with these guys that isn't only a feeling.

amulet game

Magic Amulets

Is magic trendy? These magic portals are so beautiful that they would do as great pendants. Hold on, aren’t they?



Smaller than a mouse, stronger than an ox and as daft as a brush. Unintentionally they may end up lending you a hand!



Keep your eyes wide open or you will become dinner

...and a lot more!

game control


As any good frog our little king moves by very accurate jumps. Touching on the frog and dragging your finger on the screen you can control the direction and strength of the jump, almost like a slingshot game.

game interact


By a simple touch in the screen you can drag stones, eat enemies and collect items. But be careful because not all that flies is edible.

game camera


It's not the Sword of Omens but it can give you Sight Beyond Sight. Control the camera pinching the screen to zoom in or out. Dragging your finger from the side you can take a peek. So take some time to enjoy the landscape and the old-school look.


To beat the game in Frogged's world you need to master the skills in jumping, exploring the scenery thoroughly and having patience to make the right decision at the right time!

Collecting coins, eating flies and other tasty bugs is essential to increasing your score and earn stars that will be needed to move forward through this unknown world.

These stars are won at the end of each level and it depends on your score. The more points you make, the more stars you earn. Every level has a hidden crown somewhere to be found. Find the crown to restore your life and get a score bonus of 100 points.

Switches are the key to solving many puzzles and open up the way. You can activate them by stepping on them or leaving some weight like a piece of rock, for instance.

Just don't ask me how they ended up over there!
It must have been the work of that malevolent queen!

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